We take piercing very seriously here at Alley Kat Tattoo. We stay sanitized, sterilized and safe for everyone who wants to come in and get a fun new piercing. Our piercers are trained and qualified to preform the procedures and we take great care in explaining the aftercare for your piercing.   

Body Piercing Prices

Ears-    Lobe      Industrial         Helix     Daith       Snug    
             Rook      Tragus        Orbital    Anti-Tragus
             Conch    Lobe Orbital    Helix Orbital     Conch Orbital

Facial-    Monroe        Lip     Medusa        Angel Kiss
               Labret        Nostril    Eyebrow        Tongue
               Snake Bites    Spider Bites    Angel Bites
               Septum       Bridge/Earl    Third Eye            
              Anti-Eyebrow    Scoop        Viper 
              Chin        Dimple

Torso-    Belly Button    Nipple            Sternum
               Brooch        Third Nipple

Other-    Genital       Nape        Madison                    
               Hand        Webbing        Wrist
               Vampire Bite    Dermal