Rhino was born and raised in Chicago, where he owned and operated 2 tattoo studios in the N.W. suburbs. In 2008 he moved to New Orleans where he tattooed for 10 years at local shops. Then in 2017 he moved to Phoenix where he joined the AlleyKat crew.

Rhino is a self made tattoo artist with over 33 years of experience, and is versatile in all styles of tattooing but loves black and grey realism. Stop in and see him and bring your design with, Rhino will work with you to put your thoughts on skin!! Or have him draw a one of a kind custom tattoo that will BLOW YOUR MIND!!!




Born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona, Antoinette Morgan has thrived in the tattoo industry. Being one of first woman to open a shop and start tattooing here in the great state of AZ and owning multiple shops around makes her a legend. With over 35 years of tattoo and piercing experience her favorite style has to be Negative/Positive...and we cannot deny the skill that she has acquired. But we cannot go without acknowledging Kari Barba for being an inspiration and Jim Watson for having faith in woman in the tattoo industry.   

The Artist


Antoinette Morgan

"Boss Lady"

~ Tattoo Artist

          ~ Piercer