Piercing After Care All Organic Dilute.

After Care

-Tattoo After Care-

1)Wash tattoo with soap and water. (Do NOT use clothes or scrubbers while washing your tattoo!)
you may use plain bar soaps such as Dial, Dove, Ivory or Lever 2000. You may also use Liquid Dial or Soft Soap.

2)Pat your tattoo dry, do not wipe or rub.

3)  Take five minutes to air dry your tattoo, then rub in the smallest amount of ointment possible.
​We recommend Aquaphor or Vitamin A&D ointment. Only use for 2-3 days, at least once in the morning and once at night.
((Dont overthink it, dont over do it. Your body will heal itself, your job is to just keep it clean.))

!DO NOT! soak in any standing water like swimming pools, Jacuzzi's, bath tubs, lakes, rivers and oceans.

!DO NOT! expose your tattoo to the sun.

!DO NOT! bandage your tattoo, remember; the more air your tattoo is able to breath, the better it will heal.

 -Piercing After Care-

          ~Always wash hands before touching jewelry~

1)Tighten Ball on Jewelry once daily clockwise.

2)Clean piercing with a sea salt dilute: 1/4 tsp. per ounce of distilled warm water.
(Alley Kat Tattoo carries this aftercare dilute for purchase at shop.)

1)Tighten ball on jewelry once daily clockwise.

2)Rinse with sea salt dilute 10-20 times daily, especially after every meal.

3)For tongue piercings: No smoking, potatoes, or beer for two weeks.
                        !!! For the first 3 days !!!
1)Keep ice in mouth off and on.

2) Take ibuprofen up to 3 times daily for swelling. 

Kat Joose