High Quality Work

Here at Alley Kat Tattoo we enjoy being creative, and that's why we always welcome people to come in with their own ideas and that way we can draw up custom, one of a kind, pieces for your liking and for your body only. 

           High Quality Aftercare

We make sure our clients are well aware of how to take care of there tattoos and piercings all the way through the healing process and even after that. We also carry our own piercing aftercare spray dilute with natural, all organic ingredients.

Friendly Environment

Custom Shop

Started up by Antoinette Morgan in 1982,  Alley Kat Tattoo became a localized tattoo and body piercing studio in Glendale, Arizona. High quality custom work has been a shop specialty and there is nothing short of creative genius here.  

Alley Kat Tattoo

All of our employees have been trained  to put out the best work possible for each individual person to their personal liking. It is very important to us and always our #1 goal to make sure every client of ours is exceptionally satisfied with their procedure. 

We always say, "Drop by, even just to  chit chat and say hello", and we mean that. Our clients are not only our customers but our friends. We try our hardest to make sure everyone will come in and instantly feel comfortable in our shop. So, if you drop by, be prepared to be greeted with smiles and a good time, every time.